Twin FEST  _ Madison

Annually, twins within the area of Madison and Dane County Wisconsin gather for an afternoon of celebration, food and games. Twins and visitors from all over are welcome.


Next TWIN FEST - 2019: 

12-3 PM, Sunday, June 16, 2019 at the East Side Club, 3735 Monona Drive, Madison, WI, 53714 (on the lake shore park, but we move inside in case of rain).


Video links to the 2018 TWIN FEST at the same location:



B - INTRO, Drawings, Contests



Twins Faith and Hope with Cindy and Brooke


D - INTERVIEW-2:  Twins Mercey and Grace with Celsey and Caitlin on the best and worst of being twins


E - INTERVIEW-1B-1: Continuation of Faith, Hope, Cindy and Brooke, with younger twins Katie and Addy...


F - INTERVIEW-1B-2: E above continued.


G - INTERVIEW-3: Alison with her fraternal twins James and Henry, who are also among "Irish triplets." 


H - INTERVIEW-1C: More stories with Faith, Hope, Cindy, Brooke, Katie and Addy


I - Credits: 


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