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Annually in June, Family Service of Madison hosts its GARDEN PARTY FUNDRAISER -- an afternoon of celebration with conversation, food, drawings amidst a delightful lawn and garden. All welcome.


Recent GARDEN PARTY - 2019: 

3-6 PM, Saturday, June 22, 2019 at an east Madison residence: 2329 Sommers Avenue, Madison, WI, 53704 (look for the statue of Boy on a Bicycle in the front yard).


Since funding for such independent programs have dwindled over the years, we ask for your help in bolstering strong families and a safe community.

Please, come and make a donation to us while enjoying the lovely garden with drinks, hors d’oeuvres and good company. Suggested donation is $50, or more if you can.


OR DONATE online:


Family Service Web Site:


Since 1910, Family Service Madison has been serving and celebrating families. As a nonprofit human service agency, we offer help to people of all income levels. This year, we will work with more than 5,000 families in our continued and dedicated efforts to support family life in Dane County, Wisconsin.


As an extension of our mission to serve, we are now also offering help to other nonprofit agencies, forging partnerships and collaborations that help those agencies continue to provide for our community, even in a time of diminishing resources.


First GARDEN PARTY - 2018:

Posted Video links (incomplete) to Family Service's 2018 GARDEN PARTY FUNDRAISER at the same location:


Discussions with the following:

  • Randy Wagner, host; General Outpatient at Family Service, Madison, doing outpatient groups, anti-violence education groups, and trauma work for families and kids.
  • Alekandra Zgierska, Physician at the UW Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine as one of the people who are trying to redesign the delivery of healthcare in Wisconsin.

  • Allison Dungan, City of Madison in the Community Development Division on an Initiative called The Northeast Side Safe and Thriving Communities that is working on youth violence and victimization on Madison’s North Side.

  • Joe Muellenberg, County UW-Extension Office, Horticulture program extended to working with at-risk teens  regarding juvenile justice, education 


1 - TEASER (1.25 min) _ "Why support Family Service?"


2 - INTRO: (3 min.) _ "If We Grow It..." Drawings, Contests (3 min.)


3 - INTERVIEW-A (2.5 min.) _ "Closing Gaps: Mentoring Activities."  Randy Wagner explores this topic with Joe Muellenberg


4 - INTERVIEW-B (5 min.) _ "Where are the Gaps?" Randy Wagner continues this discussion with Dr. Alekandra Zgierska and Allison Dungan.


5 - INTERVIEW-C (3.2 min.) _All four discuss why Mental Health options should be "more prevalent." 


6 - Credits: Videography by


Share with friends the PDF flyers attached below -- a version for print and online, both including a link to this page.

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This PDF flyer is for sharing online. It links to this web page for further links to online donations, to video clips from the June 2018 Garden Party and to the Family Service website.
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