Monday, Sept. 9, 2019, 6 PM, Bolz A

Title:  "AntiSemitism and Alliance:

100 Years of Jewish Life at the UW- Madison"


This presentation will not be recorded.


PRESENTER: Jonathan Pollack, Ph. D.,

History teacher at Madison College since 1998;


Honorary Fellow for Jewish Studies and Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison, since 2007.


Honorary Fellow in UW-Madison's center for Jewish Studies, since 2012.


"Two interlocking trends have persisted for Jewish students, faculty and staff at Wisconsin’s flagship university:

  • a strong sense of community among Jews that spans several generations,
  • along with persistent flare-ups of anti-Semitic actions.

This talk will describe how these opposite yet intertwined aspects of Jewish life on campus have evolved over the last hundred years."


Mr. Pollack has published several articles on the Jewish history of the Midwest in academic journals, and he has been a frequent guest on Wisconsin Public Radio and other local media. His latest book, “Wisconsin, The New Home of the Jew,” is history of the Jewish experience at UW-Madison (available as PDF download at the linked website.


Pertinent articles:

From Daily Cardinal, 1-22-2019, by Erica Gelman, A history of hate on campus

Madison paints itself as a bastion of tolerance and liberalism, according to Jonathan Pollack, honorary scholar in UW-Madison’s Jewish Studies department and professor at Madison College. Bigoted statements, then, are often expressed covertly; for instance, Pollack asserts that anti-Semitic statements towards Jews are often expressed as a distaste for New Yorkers.  

“What is really frustrating for Jewish students and for other groups who have been marginalized over the history of UW-Madison is that at the same time ... Madison has patted itself on the back on how tolerant it is,” Pollack said.


Also read: 

The face of the Jewish community at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

by ALLIE TEMPUS · May 5, 2010, The Badger Herald


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100 Years of Jewish Life at the UW-Madison
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