May 14, 2018 Lecture

This lecture was recorded.


Humanities and the Language

of Creation:

Genesis 1: 24 - 31

Disciplines within the Terms and Talk

of Day 6 of Creation


Brian Ashland will review...

  • Whereas first account of creation in Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 contains language that is highly repetitive as well as tantalizingly exclusive, Day-6 shows us how similar we, as humans, are to creation as well as how unique we are from the rest of creation at the same time.
  • Our lecture reviews this creation language in order to engender how we discuss people-works: The Humanities - as we ultimately define what constitutes the study of human work, ethos, and substance, not by referring to humans as agents, but by referring to them as works themselves, and not only are humans works, but everything they produce are works as well.
  • We explain this reality using creation-language coupled within the bounds of Critical and Speculative philosophy, two hallmarks of the social sciences.
  • Our discussion, therefore, hinges on how God labors during Day six of creation as its events limit and kindle the study of human creations/creators: It is all about time.


Brian Ashland is a part-time English Instructor at Madison College and a graduate of UW-Madison. He received his doctorate in Hebrew and Semitic Studies doing his dissertation in the book of Job under the guiding hand of Michael V. Fox.


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Humanities and the Language of Creation, Genesis 1: 24-31
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