6 PM, Monday, Jan. 14, 2019

The Amazing 20-year Transformation of Baraboo’s 
Badger Army Ammunition Plant into a

 Green Space !!

Below, you will find audio recordings of Charlie Luthin's presentation, including audio-only of two videos shown, but which may be viewed by exploring their very informative website. These links follow:

  1. Charlie Luthin's intro to Sauk Prairie documentary (42 min. audio, both as audio-only here, but video links follow at # 3 and #4 below)
  2. Charlie's Q&A session and audio-only of #4 below  (28 min. audio)
  3. Sauk Praire documentary (26.5 min. video)
  4. Of Connection and Renewal: The Historic Apple Trees of the Badger Army Ammunition Plant (8.5 min. video)

Charlie's presentation of this amazing achievement, included both

  • The opening of the new Great Sauk State Trail and 
  • Plans for our newest state park (3400 acres)


IN 1997, WHEN THE U.S. ARMY ANNOUNCED THE DECOMMISSIONING of the 7,400-acre Badger Army Ammunition Plant located between Sauk City and Baraboo, conservation-minded local citizens—what is now the Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance—promoted a “green vision” for the property.  

In 2001, the 21 stakeholders in the Badger Reuse Committee adpoted the “Badger Reuse Plan, ”which outlined a conservation-oriented future for the Badger Lands."


  •      The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is developing and will manage our newest “state park”—the 3,400-acre Sauk Prairie State Recreation Area.
  •     And the new Great Sauk State Trail is now open to bikers and hikers through the Badger Lands.

BIO: Working as a conservationist for 40 years, Charlie Luthin has served as director of four groups: the Aldo Leopold Foundation, Wisconsin Wetlands Association, Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, and for the past three years, Sauk Prairie Conservation Alliance, a group he helped to found in 1997.

Website: www.SaukPrairieVision.org

At the above website, find literature and information about tours, plans, scheduling presentations and ways to donate and volunteer.

​See the poster attached below.

Poster for sharing online with pic of Charlie Luthin and photos.
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