6 PM, Monday, Feb. 11, 2019

Farmers as Partners in Agricultural Research and Development

A Presentation and Discussion by Emeritus Professor Mark Powell, University of Wisconsin - Madison


This presentation will not be recorded.

Drawing from case studies of crop-livestock farming systems in West Africa, India, Australia and Wisconsin, Professor Powell will highlight:

WHY agricultural R & D projects need to incorporate farmers’ goals, capabilities, and aspirations.

HOW integrated soil, crop, animal and social sciences enhance project outcomes — hence the sustainability and productivity of farming systems. 

IMPACTS of resource endowment and use, plus farmer decision making processes — including indigenous knowledge, gender roles and other community and household issues— on agricultural production and environmental outcomes.


MARK IS A PROFESSOR EMERITUS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF SOIL SCIENCE, University of Wisconsin-Madison and retired Research Soil Scientist, U.S. Depatrment of Agriculture.  He is recognized nationally and internationally for his expertise in mixed crop-livestock farming systems in tropical, sub-tropical and temperate environments. 


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Farmers as Partners in Agricultural Research and Development
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