6 PM, Tuesday, April 28, 2020, Goodman Center




("Weil" is pronounced as "vay")



Our next discussion in the Goodman Center's "Humanities in Community" monthly lecture series:


6 PM on Tuesday, April 28, 2020, in Bolz A 

149 Waubesa St. (Ironworks), Madison, WI 53704

(608) 241-1574 (Check this page for later cancellations or postponements due to the epidemic. Attached flyer has been updated).


Author Rita Mae Reese 

will discuss with us French philosopher and mystic Simone Weil... 


   * WHO can be read both as feminist and anti-feminist, both as Jewish and anti-Semitic (or at least as anti-Judaic)...”


   * WHO is a radical liberal who has recently been claimed as an inspiration to the far-right party in France.”


   * WHO “is seen as a radical liberal and moral giant, and also as a pathetic neurotic who starved herself to death.”


   * WHO just “five weeks before her death... wrote to her mother: ‘I...have a growing certainty that there is a deposit of pure GOLD in me which ought to be passed on. The trouble is that I am more and more convinced...that there is no one to receive it....’” 


“Was there GOLD there, and if so, are we ready to receive it and use it to tackle some of the most difficult problems facing us in 2020?”


BRIEF BIO: Rita Mae Reese is the author most recently of The Book of Hulga. Her work has won numerous awards, including a Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Award, a Stegner Fellowship and a “Discovery”/ The Nation award. She designs Lesbian Poet Trading Cards for Headmistress Press and is the Literary Arts Director at Arts + Literature Laboratory in Madison, WI.




Useful Youtube links to video discussions on Simone Weil:


https://youtu.be/TGFezrES-6o  Phillip Goodchild, “Why Study Simone Weil” 6 min.


 https://youtu.be/1af_z1r62Og   Stephen PLANT, 24 min.


https://youtu.be/Y8S7OsKRfBY  BBC Radio, “IN OUR TIMEL on Simone Weil


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"There is nothing stable in the world; uproar's your only music."  John Keats