CHECKLIST for Your PROPOSAL  for Presentations

H-C Checklist  

Your Proposal for a “Humanities in Community” Presentation


At Madison’s Goodman Community Center (GCC, available during

October, 2021 – May, 2022), beginning at 6 PM,

 on the 2nd-Monday of the month of _______  dated  _________, 2021/2022


Check (X) after reading each point below, fill-in apt blanks and attach your response to an email to Joseph Lynch: (copying: Some speakers simply prefer to reply by email listing the number of each question pertinent to your presentation.


PUBLICITY for posters and social media should be submitted by email NLT three weeks before your lecture date (see examples from previous flyers, especially on page-2, at:

     1.     __ Your name and position: ______________________________________

     2.     __ The deadline for submitting items 1-7  of this CHECKLIST is                            ______________________.

     3.     __ Your personal and /or group photo(s)

     4.     __ Brief bio

     5      __ Brief title of your lecture

     6.     __ Brief description of your presentation

     7.     __ Links (or attachments) to web pages, images or slides that you may suggest for inclusion in our online posters or web pages.


WHERE, WHEN and HOW on the day of your presentation (FYI):

     8.      __WHERE: We usually use BOLZ A in the Goodman Community Center’s  IRONWORKS -- (old Steinle Turret building) at 149 Waubesa St. -- but our room is sometimes reassigned on short notice (if necessary, check with folks at the Reception Desk).

     9.      __WHEN: Please, arrive by 5:40 PM to allow ample time for details and testing equipment.

   10.      __FORMAT:  Our very flexible presentations begin at 6 pm, and Q&A often starts by 7, running for 20-30 minutes. However, our assigned room remains available until 8 pm.


A / V  EQUIPMENT Needs, etc:

   11.     __ Computer?  If needed, will you bring your own computer laptop/device? ___  

Which, if any, of the following will you present:   ___ SLIDES?  ___ Video?   __ Audio only?

   12.     __ Projector, do you need a projector provided by GCC?  ____  (Our projectors include 5-watt audio speakers and the choice of  an HDMI or a 15-pin VGA adapter cable for connecting a computer to a projector.)

   13.     __ Internet connections: Do you intend to stream audio or video material from the internet?  ____   If so, we need to test that well in advance to avoid annoying  buffering delays.



   14,    __ To which, if any, of the following do you consent regarding the recording and posting of your presentation on the internet?  ___NONE   ___Audio-video  ___Audio only  __Slides (to be shared by email in advance to

   15.    __ Do you anticipate any copyright violations regarding slides or other materials recorded for posting online?


Any questions?


How might this checklist be more helpful?


PDF CHECKLIST for proposed H-C Presentations
You may download this PDFchecklist for printing, filling in the blanks and submitting it with dates, etc, for your presentation. Some prefer to use this form to fill in the blanks and attached it to an email.

Others simply reply by email by referring to items as numbered.
H_C CHECKLIST for Speakers.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [141.6 KB]

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