January 2018 Lecture

Mon., Jan. 8, 2018, 6 pm, Lecture Series on

"Humanities in Community"

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Topic: Why Conservation Matters: Roots and Future of North American Wildlife Management

Lecturer: John Motovilloff

Audio links to lecture and discussion:

Author & Conservationist will...

  • Speak on the North American Model of wildlife management by
  • Reflecting on the roots and future of this unique tradition and by
  • Bringing samples of venison stew from deer his family harvested!!

Holding degrees from Boston College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, author of numerous books and articles, and former communication specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; John is one of Wisconsin’s leading   writers on conservation issues.

He currently works for the National Wild Turkey Federation designing programs to recruit new hunters.


Poster and flyers with more detail (2-sides) are attached below for sharing by print or email:

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Why Conservation Matters- 2-sides-pdf with links
Roots and Future of North American Wildlife Management by John Motoviloff
Why Conservation Matters_Poster-LINK-opt[...]
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Why Conservation Matters- 2-sides-pdf
Roots and Future of North American Wildlife Management
Why Conservation Matters_Poster-2-sides.[...]
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