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Mon., April 9, 2018, 6 pm

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Topic:  The Inluence of Technology

in the Humanities 

Lecturer: Kevin Mirus, Ph.D, Physics

Audio recording of Lecture-discussion combined, 77 minutes:


Kevin Mirus will review... 
** How science and technology directly influence studies of the humanities and the creative process.
** The history of how science, technology, and the arts have been entwined.
** How digital technologies have influenced textual analysis. 
** Finally, examples of how artificial intelligence may affect literature and visual art.

Kevin Mirus is the Director of the STEM Center at Madison College. He has a doctorate in physics from UW-Madison and has been employed in areas from information technology consulting to high school instruction and mathematics teaching at Madison College. 

His interest in how art and technology interact was piqued when he co-taught an art class at Marshall High School years ago.


Posters with more detail (2-sides) and links are attached below for sharing online (top one) and by print (bottom):

The Influence of Technology in the Humanities __ Lecture by Kevin Mirus
Influence of Tech on Humanities_web.pdf
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The Influence of Technology in the Humanities __ Lecture by Kevin Mirus
Influence of Tech on Humanities.pdf
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