Ethics in Voting, 6 PM, Monday, Dec. 9, 2019 -- Goodman Community Center, Bolz A



“Philosophy is about seeking enduring truths and principles that transcend individual events.”

David J. Koene looks forward to a lively discussion that will examine...


  “The ethical principles that guide our voting decisions.”


   However, “it will not focus on why any of us should vote for Candidate A and NOT Candidate B in 2020.”


   Instead, “we will consider voting ethics in the abstract, considering principles that apply to every election...


  •     “Is there a duty to vote? 
  •      “Is it wrong to vote for evil? Or is it obligatory to vote for evil if that evil is less than the likely alternative evil?
  •       “Should I vote in such a way that if everyone voted like me, wise candidates would be elected?
  •        “Or should I make each voting decision on the likely actual result of that individual decision, choosing the greatest good for the greatest number?



BRIEF BIO: David Koene “moved to Madsion in 1993 to attend graduate school in philosophy.”  He “worked for the public library until 2008,” when he started his own business — Koene Courier Service.


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